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About Us

Party bags are every parents nightmare . . . but not anymore!
 Our toy bags are cheap, cheerful and loved before and contain absolutely no sugar at all!
Each toy has been loved before by another child and then donated to The TOY Project to be loved again. Our toys are isolated for 72 hours before we clean and package them up ready for you to enjoy. Each bag is prepared individually in a biodegradable cellophane or paper bag with a tag on ready for your child to add their guest's name to. 
By giving used toys in party bags you are encouraging children to recycle, to give, to share and to keep toys from ending up on landfill. Every penny you spend will be put back into The TOY Project charity and will go towards providing children living in difficult situations with toys, workshops, therapy sessions and support.
Please note that when ordering from our online shop that the pictures are examples of what you will get as it will depend on what is available. A picture of your order will be emailed to you for your approval. 
Our bags start at £2 
If you cannot see what you would like please contact us as nine times out of ten we can customise to suit. 
There is a minimum order of 10 bags and postage and packaging is £6.00 for all of the UK or bags can be collected from The TOY Project shop in Archway.
For more information on The TOY Project please visit
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